Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery is one of the largest shellfish hatcheries on the west coast, providing a variety of larvae to shellfish growers throughout the world. While they are well known within the shellfish industry, they did not have any branding or a website to represent their business. They contracted me to develop a brand, photograph their business, and build a website for them.
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The branding for this project was wholly inspired by the bay——the lifeblood of the larvae growing process. From the color palette to the logo mark, the reference to this crucial body of water is evident. For the logo, it was important to highlight the foundation of the business——growing oyster larvae——while creating an elegant mark to represent the company. The shell of an oyster and the view of the bay within both represent fundamental parts of the larvae growing process and were fitting symbols for the company. The typeface choice was inspired by the lettering on oyster boats and evokes the weathered look of a life near the sea.
For the website, we needed authentic photography that captured all parts of the larvae growing process. From the salty estuary of the bay, to algae production, to cleaning larvae tanks, I photographed the nitty-gritty of growing shellfish larvae.

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