This project was inspired by my interest in the 1960s and how the cultural and political climate of the era shaped the music. I compiled articles relevant to the topic and chose typefaces and design elements reflective of the styles of the time period. I chose to imitate the form of a record as that was the dominant form of music distribution at the time and because it provided a challenging format to typeset within.
The book was entirely handmade by me, and uses a variety of processes including perfect binding, adhesive vinyl, risograph printing, and digital illustration. In addition to the book, I also created a matching sleeve which was printed on a risograph.  
Interior spread showcasing the typesetting structure and fun features. Don't miss the time stamp page numbers and Ringo Starr illustration!
The interior cover serves as a key for the illustrated faces that appear within the articles. The end pages feature a pattern made of the same drawings, and were printed on a risograph.
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