After working for Made Right Media for several months, I was asked to rebrand the company and redesign the previous website. This involved designing a new logo and matching custom iconography, developing guidelines for color, typography, and photography, and redesigning the entire website from the ground up. I was involved in all aspects of the site design, including developing a site architecture, drawing wireframes, and ultimately building the entire site.
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Logo Design
The original concept behind the logo was to create something geometric, bright, and simple. This evolved into a more mosaic type layout, representative of the three common screen sizes: desktop, tablet, and mobile. The final logo was further simplified to fully encapsulate a clean and modern look. 
Responsive Web Design

As with any website today, mobile optimization is a must. The desktop version of this site has a lot of moving components that are not as effective on mobile and made for a less optimized user experience. Removing some of these elements and effects made for a cleaner interface on mobile. 
Custom Iconography
To highlight the services offered, I created a set of custom icons which emulate the style of the logo. The icons became a core component of the brand, and are in use on a variety of pages, our business cards, and social media.
content Marketing
To promote the company, we introduced a content marketing initiative, which was shared on social media. I developed social media guidelines for our scheduled content to maintain the brand style. I was also in charge of creating most of the social media graphics shown below. 
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Curated company Instagram feed

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